New Migraine İnjection ?

new migraine injection

new migraine injection

Migraine is not an ordinary headache, but a neurological disorder in which pain can last from 4-10 hours to 3 days. Migraine pain, which is severe and affects daily life, maybe accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sound, and smell. Numbness and temporary paralysis may also develop. (new migraine injection)

new migraine injection
new migraine injection

Abdominal pain and nausea are at the forefront of children. Migraines can cause psychological distress and create job losses. 90% of patients are unable to maintain their job during the attack. There are some triggering factors such as hunger, insomnia, stress, certain foods, weather changes, logos. However, it should be noted that migraine treatment is possible. “Neural therapy” is a very important treatment alternative to migraine pain due to drug therapy, side effects (weight loss, hair loss, kidney and liver disorders, etc.may occur) and when it ceases to be an option for some chronic patients.

How is” injection method: Neuraltherapy ” applied?

Neural therapy is the method of injection with local anesthetic drugs. Headaches, migraines, back-neck-back pain, especially in the treatment of various diseases for years alone or in combination with other methods are preferred. It is a technique used by Western medicine for many years and the local anesthetic agent is applied to the skin with needles. Although it varies according to the person, an average of 3 sessions is usually administered to the patient at 72-hour intervals. The length of time the needles stay on the skin is 15-20 minutes. It can be applied together with medication in the form of complementary therapy, as well as another option during neural therapy. The success rate of this treatment is quite high. Neural therapy can be applied to every patient, including children and the elderly. It contains a very low local anesthetic, leaves no trace, is not painful (only pain can be felt during injection), it is antibacterial. The patient’s living conditions and response to treatment are important. Individual planning is performed in each patient following the evaluation of the patient.

What should be considered after neural therapy?

Drink plenty of water to regulate the body’s acid level. Prepared and processed foods should be avoided, balanced nutrition. Much tea and coffee should not be consumed. As much as possible stress should be avoided. Walking and physical activity should be turned into a lifestyle.

What’s the difference from acupuncture?

Neural therapy and acupuncture are also part of complementary medicine and are applied to certain points in the body. However, neural therapy in the West (Germany), acupuncture in the East (Far East) medicine is out, and the points in the body where treatment is applied vary.

What other diseases are effective?

Neural therapy is used to treat many acute and chronic diseases: migraine as well as cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, fibromyalgia, waist-neck-back pain and hernia, facial paralysis, vertigo, and carpal tunnel pain treatments, especially neurological diseases; hormonal disorders, rheumatism, other diseases such as thyroid…(new migraine injection)


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