Weather Related Migraine Triggers

Does Weather Trigger Migraine Headache ?

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-Does Weather Trigger Migraine Headache?
-How to Avoid Weather-Related Triggers?

Changes in temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and weather patterns have all been named as potential migraine triggers. Some people experience more migraines during certain seasons of the year. How these changes cause headache is not completely clear.

Weather Related Migraine Triggers

A 2004 study from the New England Center for Headache found that the 62 percent of migraineurs studied believed that weather was a headache trigger for them. However, when headache history was matched up to actual weather data, researchers found that only 51 percent of the patients had actual weather sensitivity.

Do Weather Trigger Migraine Headache
Do Weather Trigger Migraine Headache

How to Avoid Weather-Related Triggers

Be shady. Bright sunlight is a very common migraine trigger and can make an in-progress migraine worse. Keep extra pairs of polarized sunglasses in your car, home, office, and anywhere else you might need them so you always have shades handy.

Keep cool. If hot days are linked to your migraine pain, make sure you keep your home and work environment comfortably cool. When you’re outside, try to keep covered with a broad-brimmed hat, or stay under a beach umbrella or cabana. Keeping a personal fan or water spritzer on hand can also provide refreshment.

Stay dry. A dehumidifier can keep your environment dry during damp or humid weather. If humidity is a persistent trigger for you, consider where you live. A drier climate, like New Mexico or Arizona, may help.

How to Avoid Weather Related Triggers
How to Avoid Weather Related Triggers

Put a lid on it. During the winter, cold and blustery conditions may trigger migraine in some people. When the temperature dips, always wear a hat outside and keep your ears covered.

Freshen up. If you also suffer from allergies and believe poor air quality may trigger your migraines, an air ionizer may help.

Watch the weather. Read or watch weather reports daily to see when possible triggers are lurking in the forecast. If you’re particularly sensitive to changes in barometric pressure, investing in a barometer may be helpful.

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