Does Season Trigger Migraine

Does Season Trigger Migraine Attacks- Seasonal Migraine Headaches

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-Does Season Trigger Migraine Attacks?
-Is Dehydration a Trigger For Migraine?

Several studies examining the seasonal patterns of migraine attacks have shown that spring is the top season for hospital admissions for migraine. Both April showers and May flowers may be at the root of this trend. The damp and erratic weather of spring coupled with pollen and allergens from the season’s first blooms are triggers for many migraineurs.

Does Season Trigger Migraine Attacks
Does Season Trigger Migraine Attacks

Sunlight And Hot Weather May Trigger Migraine Attacks

Summer has its own set of challenges for people living with migraine. Because of bright sunlight and hot weather migraines may be triggered. And as days grow longer, sleep patterns are often disrupted. In fact, research on women who have migraine with aura and live in arctic regions has shown that headache attacks peak in the summer, when sunlight persists into the night, and tend to wane in the dark season (winter). Researchers hypothesized that the finding may be related to the fact that migraineurs were more likely to experience insomnia in the light season.

Fall and winter also do a number on our regular routines and sleep schedule as daylight hours shorten. So keep your daily routine is very important to avoid weather related migraines

Sunlight And Hot Weather May Trigger Migraine Attacks
Sunlight And Hot Weather May Trigger Migraine Attacks

Dehydration Is A Trigger For Migraine

Dehydration is a trigger for migraine, so always keep plenty of fluids on hand during the hot summer months. But don’t go overboard on either alcohol or caffeine, as too much of either can trigger a headache. Stick to water and other nonalcoholic, decaffeinated beverages.

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